Nursing Care

Nursing Care

St. David's core strength lies in the excellent nursing care that it delivers to its residents.

Qualified nursing staff are on duty 24 hours a day working with a team of friendly care assistants. The home is visited on a weekly basis by the local GP. A hairdresser, chiropodist and optician also visit regularly. Whether you need a little respite care or have complex nursing requirements we can accommodate you.

The assessment and evaluation of each resident's circumstances and health on a regular basis is a key element in administering individualised and appropriate care. To achieve this certain services are available at St. David's:

  • GP cover is provided by the Sheringham Medical Practice. A regular doctor attends weekly rounds with additional visits as required. Of course, you can also be seen by your current GP if you prefer.
  • Emergency cover is available twenty four hours a day and where hospital intervention is necessary, there are several hospitals that are used including the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.
  • Liaison with Macmillan nurses allows for the provision of the highest standard of care for those residents occupying our palliative or terminal care beds.
  • Visiting Opticians provide an annual eye test for all residents and can provide spectacles if prescriptions change.
  • A visiting Chiropodist visits the centre every few weeks.
  • A physiotherapist is available when required, and our care staff are able to provide daily physiotherapy as part of the program designed for each individual.
  • These services may be accessed either via the NHS or privately depending on individual circumstances.
  • A local hairdresser visits St. David's regularly and arrangements can be made privately for hairdressing. Other beauty therapies are available if required on a private basis.
  • All patients have a right to input from Social Services and this can be accessed free of charge by contacting the local team.

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